KEMPERUCENTRS offers a magnitude of solutions for purchasing a camper – choosing camper types and manufacturers, consultations about equipment choice and ensuring full manfucaturer stated after-purchase servicing, accessory and usable material delivery, servicing throughout the camper expluatation time, concluding a contract of the respective servicing which will allow the use of all the AUTOFAVORĪTS vehicle service center offers.

Most of the time, a purchase is planned in a timely manner because in reality, each camper is being modeled after an individual complete set for each seperate client. The assembly of all the equipment for every new camper is a time consuming process, during which it is needed to concentrate deeply on tens of equipment positions because, unlike light vehicles or commercial busses, campers have incomparably more individually configurable positions, all of which will influence the usage funcionality, as well as its value and selling options in the grey market in due time.

When purchasing a camper it is crucial to choose whether it will be a trailer, or an already self sufficient and driveable vehicular home. In both of the options, the mass of the camper is important because the drivers license with which it will be able to be used will depend on it. If the choice is a trailer type camper, it is important to know beforehand if the current automobile according to its techincal specifications will be able to tow the chosen camper, or if it will be either needed to purchase a new vehicle which is more powerful towing-wise, or to choose a lighter camper which concedes to towable weight category specifications of the current vehicle. About all the technical questions on the purchase of a new or used camper you will be always kindly consulted by our sales consultants, who have completed a special training course, and are fully acquinated with all the technical documents of the manufacturers.

KEMPERUCENTRS offers new and used campers in all the widely spread product groups – compact and full size (XXL) camper trailers, camper vans, low and high profile partly integrated campers, and A-Class fully integrated campers, also known as “Camper homes on wheels”.

KEMPERUCENTRS represented manfucaturers in Latvia – HYMER, SUNLIGHT, ERIBA, and DETHLEFFS (camper trailers).

Ask our sales consultants about the available models, carrying out delivery, service, servicing, rental, and auxiliary equipment possibilities by calling +37167670000 or +37127312257.

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