KEMPERUCENTRS provides a full manfucturer stated after-purchase servicing, accessory and usable material delivery, service servicing throughout the camper expluatation time, and conculding the respective servicing contract, which will allow the use of all AUTOFAVORĪTS service center offers.

By choosing KEMPERUCENTRS you will receive access to the professional and highest quality independent service center network AUTOFAVORĪTS services in six locations all across Latvia. AUTOFAVORĪTS is one of the oldest and well known light vehicle and commercial transport servicing enterprises, and for many years, the representative of the most poupular manfucaturers who present a wide variety of automobile parts in Latvia with our digital sales platform. We guarantee that your new camper will receive the best possible servicing in Latvia in the fastest possible timely manner.

KEMPERUCENTRS offers new and used campers in all the widely spread product groups – compact and full size (XXL) camper trailers, camper vans, low and high profile partly integrated campers, and A-Class fully integrated campers, also known as “Camper homes on wheels”.

KEMPERUCENTRS represented manfucaturers in Latvia – HYMER, SUNLIGHT, ERIBA, and DETHLEFFS (camper trailers).

Ask our sales consultants about the available models, carrying out delivery, service, servicing, rental, and auxiliary equipment possibilities by calling +37167670000 or +37127312257.

KEMPERUCENTRS – reliable partners!