Model types

Integrated compact campers

The A-class of the camper world, as it is clasified by such a manufacturer as SUNLIGHT. If we are mentioning the highest class deluxe camper manufacturer HYMER, it needs to be said that exactly this brands “houses on wheels” associate with the vast majority of European automobile tourists. Integrated compact campers in most cases are the most expensive of the manufacturers models, not even speaking of their comparitively more difficult handling of maneuvering in parking spaces, which can only be compared to handling a smaller passenger bus handling in the case of their body structure. The smaller models and models made by the most economic manufacturers often still conform to the 3500 kg “deadline”, but of course, the deluxe manufacturer largest of models reach a significant length to ensure a higher level household comfort, and they reach up to 4 tons in weight. Evidently, just as in the camper trailer industry, only XL two-axle large livable trailers can provide the largest option choice range for the provision of the clients reacreational activities. Integrated compact campers can reach the highest comfort level among self-propelled campers. The slightly odd and class-typical original design body structures may seem old-school, and futuristic at the same time, but even in the case of looks, certain “fees” must be covered to achieve deluxe recreational possibilites on wheels, and a layout which already closely resembles a miniature summer house in its looks and arrangement. Of course, the clientele of this class often are the wealthier middle-aged buyers, or comparitevly wealthy families with children. In many places in the world this type of camper is purchased collictively for many families, and used according to a set schedule, which ensures more intensive expluatation of the camper house, and not a lenghty stay in the garage or parking lot, while awaiting for their owner’s vacation. This type of camper definitely is a more serious investment, and in most cases, a purchase is planned in a timely manner because each bus is prepared only after an individual set for each particular client. The purchasing of equipment for a new camper house is a complicated process, where it is needed to concentrate on tens of equippemnt positions, all of which will definitely later influence the funcionality of use and comfort – in extent, the quality of the recreation. It is significant, that when ordering a camper it is needed to be thought of the needs one might have many years ahead.

In this class, KEMPERUCENTRS offers the most popular models from the well-known camper brands of Europe, such as SUNLIGHT, and one of the world’s leaders – HYMER. SUNLIGHT offers camper houses in the 3500 kg category – 4-seater I 67 S, and 4+1 class I 68, I 68 Edition, and I 69 L model, as well as the 5-seater compact integrated camper I 69 L Edition (7,4 meters in length, interior height 2,13 meters). At the moment, HYMER offers 7 different models on the base of Citroën, FIAT, and Mercedes-Benz, with a weight of 3500 kg, and other significantly heavier models, the handling of which requires the adequate driver’s license. Of course, HYMER also offers the brand appropriate more conservative design, and a higher quality of design materials and installed machinery. By choosing a mobile camper house based on Mercedes-Benz, of course, the driver will be delighted with a true Mercedes vehicle driver workspace!

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