KEMPERUCENTRS is an AUTOFAVORĪTS Group enterprise. AUTOFAVORĪTS is one of the oldest and most reliable car service industry brands in Latvia, and one of the leaders of independent high quality light vehicle and commercial transport service centers. AUTOFAVORĪTS was founded in the year 1994, and at this moment, the Group includes such known enterprises as MOTOFAVORĪTS, TOYOTA oficial representative – FAVORIT WEST, used vehicle commerce enterprise FAVORĪTS, vehicle rental FAVORIT RENT. The spare part online commerce platform EFAVORĪTS is operating across all of Latvia, as well as the Group has entered the automobile lubrication and automotive chemistry market with its private brand PRIZMA. AUTOFAVORĪTS in total has 6 car center locations with a main office, saloon and the largest service center in Riga, Valgale street 2a.

Entering the camper market with well known manufacturer brand representation in Europe is a logical AUTOFAVORĪTS Group development continuation. The industry crisis of the whole world due to the pandemic has created a broader demand for vehicle rental, and travel solutions which are not dependent on outer services, as well as increased the interest for vehicle tourism and place of interest and leisure visiting which are closer distance-wise. The camper business has grown rapidly nowadays but it has ancient traditons in Europe and North America. Taking into account that purchasing a camper is a comperatively expensive deal, their popularity is the biggest in highly developed and rich countries. According to several sources, in the USA approximately 6 million families own at least one camper. It needs to be noted, that Europe and North America slightly differs in camper clasification, and, for example, the USA campers are larger in dimensions. While the quality of life in the Baltics and Latvia are growing, the camper culture are steadily entering our day to day lives. Of course, not as rapidly as in our neighboring country Estonia, but just like other leisure industry technology areas, campers are to be expected to see rapid growth in the nearest 5 to 10 years due to the traits of the toursim industry global transformation, and the desire to feel new sensations by the people.

AUTOFAVORĪTS Group advantages in camper commerce and servicing are obvious:

- a developed service center network across all of Latvia
- many year experience in light commercial transport servicing
- experience in working with the largest car manfucaturers of the world
- experience in introducing and maintaining the strictest of service standards
- experience in leisure business – MOTOFAVORĪTS, mototechnics
- expierence in leisure business – FAVORIT RENT, vehicle rental
- a well known brand in Latvia

Therefore, a logical development move is entering the camper market by the means of already established cooperation with such world class manufacturers as HYMER, SUNLIGHT, ERIBA, and DETHLEFFS.

KEMPERUCENTRS – reliable partners!