KEMPERUCENTRS offers a magnitude of solutions for purchasing a camper – choosing camper types and manufacturers, consultations about equipment choice and ensuring full manfucaturer stated after-purchase servicing, accessory and usable material delivery, servicing throughout the camper expluatation time.

Accessories are a crucial camper equipment component, and the choice of them when ordering a camper is signifacantly more relevant, and often more important than when choosing a light vehicle. Basically, when it comes to campers, we are talking about all the liveable space equipment in it, which must be ordered separately and put together for each customer individually, because the needs, the esthetic desires, and the price range is significantly different, and each customer has different plans for using the camper. Accessory choice is strongly influenced by how the camper is going to be used, and how long the journeys will be which it will take, how many people with or without children are planning to go on the trip – of course, within the technical possibilites of the particular camper. Basically, that means the whole interior and equipment of a small scale living space with an included kitchen, and sanitary space. Each of us can imagine how much time needs to be invested only to make the choice on plumbing and household appliances, such as a refrigerators, stoves, and tableware. Taking into account camper specifics – compact dimensions, the need to consume as little energy as possible, specific sertification of all the used materials, and many other special needs – manufacturing the accessories and camper specific equipment is a comperatively complicated process, and we always recommend to choose only the original accessories and equipment provided by the manufacturer.

The orginial accessory catalogue is available here.

KEMPERUCENTRS offers new and used campers in all the widely spread product groups – compact and full size (XXL) camper trailers, camper vans, low and high profile partly integrated campers, and A-Class fully integrated campers, also known as “Camper homes on wheels”.

KEMPERUCENTRS represented manfucaturers in Latvia – HYMER, SUNLIGHT, ERIBA, and DETHLEFFS (camper trailers).

Ask our sales consultants about the available models, carrying out delivery, service, servicing, rental, and auxiliary equipment possibilities by calling +37167670000 or +37127312257.

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