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XL Camper trailers

Full size or XL livable trailers usually have a two-axle construction, which provides greater stability for their larger body structure while moving and parking. Seperate larger one-axle models can also be included in the full size camper trailer class, but they are certainly in minority. Mostly, these trailers are intended for 4 to 6 people, but particular deluxe models can be itnended only for two people as well. Of course, six places are available only for the largest or specially equipped camper trailers. Taking into account that full sized liveable trailer’s weight usually is in the confines of 2 to 3 tons and their length is 8 meters on average, it is already needed to have a C1E category drivers license to transport them. Understandably, to tow these types of trailers, a vehicle whose technical specification is meant for such work is needed. Large liveable trailers will be suitable for, for example Toyota Highlander (2000 kg), Land Cruiser (3000 kg) or the most powerful of Hilux pickup sets (3500 kg). Towing a camper of this size and weight significantly increases the fuel consumption of the vehicle. However, luxury needs to be paid for, because full sized models offer such comfort and entartainment possibilites that it can be compared to owning a small, but well equipped summer house. The price range in this class has a wide margin because the larger space allows for a significant increase in the available equipment range, the material and technology choice, all of which can rank the same model camper on different price levels – starting from economy up to the very expensive luxury class. A full sized camper classic can be seen in many Hollywood movies – the legendary Airstream camper, which was born in the USA in the last century’s 20s, whose Classic nowaday’s model reaches a length of 10 meters and a weight of 4,5 tons, which shows the approximate length and weight limits for liveable trailers in this class. Of course, purchasing a full sized trailer is a long term investment, and not rarely a decision that is reflected upon as much as when purchasing a house.

In this class, KEMPERUCENTRS offers DETHLEFFS flag bearer Beduin Scandinavia, which can be purchased with one or two axles, and is specifically designed for trips in harsh winter conditions (with the optional package Winter Comfort). Depending on the set, Beduin Scandinavia ranks in the weight category of 1,8 to 2,2 tons, and its length in combination with the coupling can reach up to 9,4 meters. The sleeping place choice is very democratic, and 3 up to even 7 place models are available for choice. Competing in the two-axle camper trailer category, ERIBA brand offers the elite Touring 820 model, the weight of which can reach 2,8 tons, length a bit above 8 meters, and it is intended for 2 to 4 recreation enjoyers.

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